Boutique Hotels Paris

Boutique hotels Paris are the ideal choice for those people who wish to stay in a different place in a different atmosphere and it is an alternative type of accommodation instead of choosing luxurious hotels stay in Paris.

Don’t you like to stay in a hotel that makes you feel like being at home by treating each one as their exclusive guests in a place with unique décor and ambiance?  Boutique hotels Paris provides such type of accommodation.

How to classify the boutique hotels from others?

There is no assured way to distinguish the boutique hotels from others. However, by adapting a few simple measures, it is possible to discover the great deal. These hotels are classified under the following norms.

  • Boutique hotels are generally smaller properties built with a maximum of 50 rooms.
  • These accommodations are situated in the ultimate and most prominent places of the French capital.
  • Guests are greeted and treated in an exclusive way. They just not work like joining the fancy furniture pieces. Alternatively, they work on creating a unique and cordial atmosphere by implementing the perfect blend of lightings, colors, patterns, furniture, fabric and immense attention to details.
  • Exceptional and exclusive ambiance is the unique feature of a boutique hotel. In the city of French capital, these hotels are found in different style as follows:
    • Modern – unassuming – Zen:  Quite simple and soothing
    • Traditional – vintage – chronological: To have a travel to the past
    • Stylish – Chic – arty: Rich and vibrant colors, creative and updated.
  • Concept of Boutique hotel Paris lies in the customer service and their satisfaction. These hotels are generally classified and rated as four star accommodations. However, there are a few three star accommodations also included. The facilities and amenities provided in these hotels are equivalent to the same offered in a luxury hotel, which include beauty spa, pool area (there are a few hotels with no swimming pool facility), reading room, fitness centre, lounge bar and much more. So, please go through the details for twice that are recorded on the official webpage of the hotel and the ratings.
  • Located at great places, unique ambiance, great customer service, compact size, etc make the guests to feel great and exclusive.
  • Ensure that you choose the accommodation that match with your taste and requirement before you book one. Get the details about the hotel from the information pages of the hotel and read the descriptions. It is also good to see the pictures and also the photos and reviews posted by customers.

    Le Chat Noir Hotel ParisLe Chat Noir Hotel Paris

    Address: 68 Boulevard De Clichy Paris FR-75018

    This boutique hotel Paris has everything to call it as a boutique hotel in Paris, located at the bottom-line of the Butte Monmarte and also a stone’s throw distance from the non-familiar Moulin Rouge cabaret. The hotel is surrounded by numerous nightclubs, theatres, cabaret, etc which is the ideal and most preferred choice of accommodation of young and modern people.

    The Five Hotel Paris

    The Five Hotel Paris

    Address: 3 Rue Flatters Paris FR-75005

    Small is always beautiful, which is found in this boutique hotel Paris. It is located closer to the Mouffetard market in a calm street. Guest’s rooms offer comfortable stay combined with ultra-modern facilities including fluffy duvet comforters, fairy lights made of fiber optics placed above the beds and also in bathrooms, unique and true artworks of Chinese lacquer and flat screen television with 400 satellite channels. Further, all accommodations are facilitated with wi-fi free of cost and also with L’Occitane toiletries. Suites in the ground floor are constructed with a private Jacuzzi patio. This 5-storied accommodation offers a luxurious and romantic getaway for the weekend.

    Le Bellechasse Hotel ParisLe Bellechasse Hotel Paris

    Address: 8 Rue De Bellechasse Paris FR-75007

    This boutique hotel is located in the corner of the most popular Musee d’Orsay. It consists of 34 rooms, where the decorations and designs have been done by the Christian Lacorix, a French designer. Guests’ experiences a refreshing dazzling lobby made of black slate floors, wall painted white, armchairs in leathers and mismatched velour. Beautifully elevated windows are quite large and appear from floor to ceiling. However, it overlooks the graceful patio courtyard. All 34 rooms are unique with each other and it is designed with an assortment of fabric mix, colors, patterns and textures. In addition, characters of Lacroix’s whimsical are illustrated on the ceilings and walls. Guest’s rooms are facilitated with open-concept bathe comprising of a bathtub, toilet and a sink. Among these rooms, four rooms have designed with doors leading towards patio courtyard.

    Mon HotelMon Hotel

    Address:1/5 Rue D’Argentine Paris FR-75116

    This is the most stylish boutique hotel in Paris which has several attributes. It includes the location, comfort, decorations, etc. When we talk about location, the hotel is located just two buildings away from the renowned Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. When it comes to design and decoration, the hotel has fashionable decors with trendy comforts. Even though the lobby looks dramatic, the guest’s rooms are highly comfortable and soothing, facilitated by the Chamois wall coverings, black and white portraits of celebrities and neutral tones. Updated facilities in the hotel include Nespresso machines, Satellite television with more than 1000 channels, and MP3 docking stations. Additionally, a brand new sexy multi-cuisine restaurant with bar is also opened before a couple of years.

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Jan 20, 2013 by Mika

Fascinating. I never knew anything about these boutique hotels whether I've already been at one or not until I read your article about them. I think we'll take what you recommend here, the Le Chat Noir Hotel Paris as that's the one closest to our trips and it looks so lovely.

Jan 14, 2013 by Vilkyos

Now I would definitely love to make a reservation in one of these listed hotels after reading about what Boutique hotels are. To be honest I never really thought of getting that kind of treatment from such hotels. I was curious what boutique hotels are and I'm glad I ran over this site of yours. , USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 Fascinating. I never knew anything about these boutique hotels whether I've already been at one or not until I read your article about them. I think we'll take what you recommend

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