Hotel Ares Eiffel

Hotel Ares Eiffel


This hotel is situated in an absolutely wonderful location. It is so close to the Eiffel Tower and metro station. It is only 10 minutes walk to the Eiffel Tower. Metro provides a very convenient and quick travel. Apart from that, there are many wonderful cafes and shops around the hotel. Stunning florist on the corner creates a wonderful background. After going to the Eiffel Tower, you can easily take the river bus to go to any site around the city.


Apart from the wonderful sceneries and facilities around the hotel, the service offered by the hotel is exceptional. It has a very friendly staff, and they are always helpful and active. The hotel staff has the ability to make their customers happy because they are very pleasant and always stay behind their customers to assist them.


The same as the staff, the hotel accommodations in Paris are wonderful. Rooms are clean and beautiful. All the arrangements in a room have a gorgeous look. Bathrooms and toilets are very clean and have a nice touch. All the rooms have luxurious facilities. It is very comfortable to stay at Hotel Ares Eiffel and it adds a wonderful value to your journey in Paris. 

Other facilitates

Ample parking spaces and all other facilities available in the hotel will make customers delight. Guests can take room services as well as do exercises at the gym next door. This is the hotel you should choose if you want to stay in Paris and have a comfortable accommodation with mouth-watering foods and outstanding service.

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