Hotel d`Aubusson




We must say that the location of this hotel is wonderful; however, it might take a while to reach it from the airport. The hotel is placed just a few minutes away from a main Metro entrance and just 2 minutes away from an important river.

The hotel also allows you to visit the Notre Dame cathedral, The Louvre Palace and many more other locations. The location is very peaceful and quiet and it will offer you access to numerous important attractions in Paris. You can go over to the Pont Neuf if you want to shop in the wonderful capital of France and also admire the beautiful Louvre River.


You will sense a feeling of warmth and welcoming as soon as you enter the hotel. All of the staff members can speak English in an acceptable form and they will assist you with any sort of problem that you have. The administrator of the hotel will also be very glad to help you with any type of information you want. The staff will take good care of you without any complaints or problems. You will also receive numerous gifts and treats if you visit the hotel in certain periods of the year.


You will feel very comfortable in each and every room due to the fact that they are very comfortable. Compared to the other rooms from other hotels in Paris, these are very spacious and the bathrooms are very nice. You can benefit from separate showers and spacious bathtubs at the optimum standards. All of the rooms and bathrooms are equipped with the proper products and clothes in order to make you feel as comfortable as you can.


The salon and “Café Lautent” are both very well decorated and furnished.


Even though it is consider a small hotel, the desert was truly amazing since it was very consistent. The kids have received the usual sweets, while the breakfast included scrambled eggs, potatoes and creamed spinach.

In each and every evening the hotel will delight you with complementary win. You will also receive tea in the salon and breakfast in the morning daily. The bar includes a very nice atmosphere, while the bar includes live jazz sessions and a great service. However, these options are also very pricey.

Hotel facilities:

The terrace of this hotel is truly wonderful.


You can sit on a lower floor since there are no important sights that you can view from the rooms. Also, the elevator is really uncomfortable and smells bad.

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