Hotel Le Bristol

Hotel Le Bristol



Hotel Le Bristol is an exceptional hotel. It has a traditional look but situated in a very nice atmosphere. The location is ideal to spend a comfortable and calm vacation. There are many tourist attractions around the hotel. Apart from that, you can have a wonderful shopping experience from the shops around the place. Everything in the hotel is outstanding. It is convenient for any kind of functions including honeymoon, business gathering and family gathering.

Service & Staff

This hotel offers a higher level of service in every direction. The service quality is excellent. You cannot get such service from anywhere for the same amount of money you spend here.

The hotel service is also excellent. It has a very friendly and professional staff. They are very helpful and kind-hearted people. All the hotel processes from reservation to checkout has been arranged smoothly. The overall quality of the hotel staff is outstanding.


When considering accommodations in Paris, the hotel has spacious rooms with comfortable features. Those rooms are consisted with new and beautiful furniture. They are available in different sizes and options. Many lighting options, calming environment and beautiful designs make heavens to the visitors. Bathrooms are very clean and give wonderful views over the hotel garden. You can reserve rooms according to your needs and budgets. However, any room in the hotel gives a comfortable living. However, be sure to check whether the room has a king-sized mattress without two single mattresses when reserve king-bedded rooms. Another unique feature that most of the rooms provide is the wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower. You can clearly see the Tower and its surroundings by sitting on a chair in the room balcony.


The hotel arrangements and decorations are very high. The old and classic style makes a completely unique and stunning environment. You can have tasty foods from Hotel Le Bristol with various food recipes. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with top class service. You can order any type of food you like. They always ready to serve you what you need.

Other Facilitates

The spa and gym situated in the hotel double the value of the service they offer to their valued customers.  However, one small disadvantage is the small space of the gym. The swimming pool which is situated on the top floor gives pleasure to everyone.

The hotel is surrounded by office and business premises. Hence, it provides good lunch options on weekdays. But most of the neighborhood gets empty on weekends. Also, make sure to select rooms overlook the garden if you are especially looking for a quiet environment.

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