Hotel Luxembourg Parc



The hotel location is perfect. It is situated away from the busy town and constant tourist traffic. You have to travel only one station from Notre-Dame on the RER (Luxembourg) to come to the hotel. It is also very close to Musee d’Orsay or AssembleeNationale. You can easily come to the hotel by Metro from those locations. ‘Saint Sulpice’ the church which is used in ‘The Da Vinci code’ also situated very close to the hotel.

The hotel is surrounded by wonderful places. Luxembourg parc is situated just across the road. It is one of the nicest areas in Paris. Apart from that, there are many restaurants, bars, cafes, attractive little shops, and local streets with beautiful sceneries can be seen around the hotel.

Generally, the hotel is situated in a charming location, and it is perfect for a vacation stay.


The hotel staff is very friendly. They are helpful and professional. The service offered by the hotel staff is exceptional. They always work to meet their customer expectations.


Rooms are available in different sizes. You can select the suitable one according to your expectations and requirements. No matter what type of room is selected, they are beautiful and wonderfully designed. All rooms have wonderful interior designs with pleasant replica Louis XI furniture, wooden beams, marble bathroom and many more. All the amenities are high quality and beautiful. Bathrooms are wonderfully designed and very clean.

Rooms are spacious and have Parisian standards. They offer a very quiet environment and you will not hear any sound from the outside after the door close.


Hotel has a calm and quiet environment. It has a classic French style at a fitting edge of St. Germain.


Even if the breakfast is quite expensive it is wonderful and tasty. You can have mouthwatering foods with delicious coffee and Parisian pastries at Hotel Luxembourg Parc.

Other facilities

All the facilities provided by the Hotel Luxembourg Parc are excellent. It has comfortable rooms with wonderful facilities and features like marble baths, luxe drapes, and beamed ceilings. The bar and the small chic lobby facilitate for informal meetings and conversations. These locations are wonderfully set up with excellent maintenance. The library it has is great for reading and computing. It is situated separately by providing a quiet environment. The hotel also provides WiFi facility for visitors.


Rooms which are located at the end of the floor and face the courtyard provide quiet living. Rooms located inside the courtyard are also very suitable for quiet living. They are very beautiful as well.

Classic rooms are ideal for a single person or a couple without too much baggage and other stuffs. If someone wants to overlook le parc, rooms on the fifth floor are the ideal places to stay. There are very special rooms with private balconies and terraces like Room # 26.

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