Hotel Residence Foch


The location of this hotel is great because it is very peaceful and offers the tourists the opportunity to visit numerous attractions.


The street is very quiet and the hotel looks wonderful on the outside. From the Ponte Dauphine metro you will make only 10 minutes to the hotel. If you want to visit Paris, this is the best choice.

There are numerous shops nearby the hotel and plenty of local restaurants that you can access. The neighborhood is very quiet and considering the fact that the hotel is encircled by the magnificent Haussmannian buildings, the Arch de Triumph and the Avenue de La Grande Armed, we can state that this is a residential area. You can also buy whatever you want from the groceries located near the hotel.


You will not meet a friendlier and helpful staff anywhere else in the world. All of the employees will treat you with the maximum seriousness, regardless of the time you request their help. Very polite staff members with great manners!


Every room, including the bathroom, is properly designed and clean. You can also have access to a wonderful terrace with a nice view.

Apart from the fact that the room was not so spacious, we can say that it was very nice considering that it included free Wi-Fi and was designed with style.

The hotel incorporates 7 floors and 25 rooms. You will make a good decision if you choose the attic room since it incorporates a comfortable bed, a nice balcony and a big bathroom with a spacious shower cabin.

If you know how to use each and every inch of the room, you will not even observe that the room is not that spacious. The bathroom is really nice and the room also includes a fridge and a little ironing board. If you want to experience the great atmosphere offered by the Houssmannian buildings, you should request a room that faces the rue Marbeau.


It does not matter if you want the breakfast to be delivered to your room or your want to eat downstairs in the buffet; you should know that the prices are the same. The food is made in high quality and very tasty. You can also access a snacks bar.

The breakfasts served at the continental buffet were really great since they have included fresh fruit and cost only 14 euro.

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