Hotel Residence Henri IV


If you are searching for a quiet and peaceful place to stay in Paris, then the Hotel Residence Henri IV would be the best choice. This is one of the numerous attractive hotels in Paris.


This hotel is practically very unique and it is located on the Left Bank, only 10 minutes away from the famous Notre Dame cathedral, so this is a great choice for all of the tourists. The position of this hotel is practically perfect. Also, you can easily walk over to the Pantheon, Louvre, Luxembourg and St. Sulspice, other important tourists attractions.

Some other important aspects included by this hotel consist on the fact that the traffic noise level is at the minimum, so you will not have problems resting, regardless of the room you choose to stay in.

You will practically find whatever you need very close to this hotel since there are numerous supermarkets, metro stations, restaurants and numerous others shopping points close by.


If you have any sorts of problems or difficulties, the staff will be more than glad to help you immediately.


Considering the fact that the windows of the rooms can be closed very well, you will practically eliminate any sorts of noise that might affect your rest. The classical view of the rooms offers a distinctive and decorative aspect that will delight the eyes.

You can easily spot the park from across the street through the tiny balcony placed in a very attractive room on an upper floor. You can find two single beds in a room and one big sofa bed in the other if you want to sleep alone or with your partner. You can buy whatever you want from the numerous markets that surround the hotel and place them in the kitchenette included in the room. This will help you to save money as you can prepare your own breakfast every morning.

A very unusual fact of this Paris hotel was the fact that the room included a sitting area and kitchenette. However, the rooms are really comfortable and pleasant for the eye. The bathrooms are equipped with all the necessary products, the bed is perfect in size and you can also pull out an additional bed in the sitting room. You have plenty of storage space and the rooms are wonderfully furnished.

The views are great, even if you open the windows in the rooms or in the bathroom. You will observe the French aspect of the bathroom, even though it is very modern.


All of the rooms are very elegant, classy, beautiful and comfortable to stay in! The ornamental aspect is also very well arranged and the furniture is really a delight.


Alongside the kitchenette, the room service for breakfast was also a great service included by this hotel.

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