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Jays is situated in one of the best places in Paris. There are only walking distance to the best tourist attractions in Paris like the Eiffel Tower, arc de Triomphe and museums. Lovely restaurants and cafes which offer mouthwatering foods can be found easily around the location. This hotel is located in an absolutely wonderful location with beautiful surroundings. It will bring pleasure to anyone who stays there. Jays is ideal for any kind of function including vacation stays to business functions.


Even if the Jays is not a five-star, its service is just like a six-star hotel. It has a limited number of staff members, but they are very talented and offer superb service to their customers. All the staff members are very friendly and charming. They always ready to accept everything with warm smiles. Their friendliness makes customers feel that they are at their own homes. They treat customers like movie stars. Hence, any person will feel so much comfort at Jays.

There are no enough words to express the quality and the warmness of the staff members at Hotel Jays. They make surprises everyday by placing gifts near the bed when you wake up and giving champagne when you return to the hotel after the dinner.

All the services they offer are exceptional and provide an amazing value to the hotel.


The hotel has 6 spacious rooms. All of them are designed uniquely and has five-star facilities with wonderfully designed staircases. All rooms have bathrooms with basic designs. But they are very clean, contemporary and have full of toiletries.

‘The Fantasie suite’ is the ideal name for the huge suite with luxurious facilities. It has a huge bathroom filled with Clarins and Hermes products. They are extremely clean and have spectacular décors and designs.

Rooms are very large by Parisian standards. They have a nice touch with fruit decors every evening. They also have perfect lighting solutions and fresh and tasteful furnishings.

Generally, rooms at Jays provide comfortable living to any person who stays there, and all of them provide a calm and quiet environment.


The hotel has a distinct style that brings the attention of any visitor. It is a boutique hotel with wonderful décor. The ground floor lounge also contains wonderful decorations. The entire hotel decoration brings the feelings of a home living for any visitor who stays there. No one will feel that they are in a hotel far away from their homes because of the wonderful architectural design it has.


The hotel always offers delicious foods. It can be the best meal that any person who had during their lifetime.  Taste and the goodness always remain in the foods which are offered by the Jays.

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