La Maison Favart



This hotel is located in a very quiet little street. However, it is very close to everything you need. There are plenty of restaurants and bars available around the hotel. The Metro station is located just 50 meters away from the hotel. Also, it is only 10 minutes walk to l’opera. You can take a bus ride or simply walk to visit the beauty of Paris.


The hotel staff is available for anything and everything. They assist their customers to find restaurants, bars and any other place they want. They also arrange transport and location maps. Staff service is absolutely wonderful.


Rooms are small, but they are clean and beautiful. Hotel has a great cleaning service, which keep all rooms extremely clean and beautiful. You can enjoy a wonderful rain shower during the stay. Rooms have coffee machines and many other glorious facilities.


The hotel offers mouthwatering breakfast with fresh and perfect food menus. They give breakfast for very reasonable prices.

Other facilities

Hotel has a nice small pool. It also has a spa and sauna. It is perfect to have a spa treatment after a hard day.

Free WiFi facility available for all the visitors. The hotel also offers free tea, coffee and cake for guests in the lounge area. They will be offered after 3 p.m.


Rooms in the higher floor are much better than other rooms. You can spend a wonderful time in your room by selecting a room with the view of the Opera Comique.

Select a large room if you want to stay at La Maison Favart for a long time or if you have any business requirements. You can have more space by reserving a suit.


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