Le Citizen Hotel


This small boutique hotel is located away from the busy tourist area, but with wonderful local surroundings and stunning places by overlooking the Canal St Martin. Even it is situated away from the tourist locations, there are wonderful nearby restaurants, shops, bars and cafes can be found. Visitors can access all major attractions through a short taxi ride.

Eiffel Tower, Champs Elise or other Paris attractions can also be easily accessible through a Metro ride. ‘Republique’ is the most famous Metro station which is situated near the hotel because many lines are crossing this station.


Hotel has a very friendly staff. They are kind and helpful. All the staff members provide top class service to their clients.


The hotel has 12 rooms. All rooms have extremely modern look. They have comfortable beds, loaded mini bars, and fashionable bathrooms with ample toiletries. Each room has an iPad with all the details you need. This is a wonderful concept which is followed by the hotel by removing outdated information systems.

All rooms have great color tones. They are warm and inviting. You can find large rooms with lovely views and free WiFi if you select Zen Suite. However, those rooms are expensive. Lodgers will also receive free IDD calls for landlines. This is an unbelievable facility which is offered by the Le Citizen Hotel.

Some rooms give wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower’s top section when the tower is illuminated at night.

Generally, accommodation at Le Citizen Hotel is superb. Anyone can have a restful and comfortable stay. Make sure to select the suit if you want some more spaces because normal rooms are small.


The hotel is very smart. Hotel management has effectively used every space in the hotel. The entire hotel has a warm and friendly look. It gives a higher level of hospitality and the feeling of comfort. Natural colors, designs and architectures give a precious look to the entire place.


The hotel offers a great breakfast with fresh and tasty foods. Coffee, croissants, cakes, fresh orange juice, choice of cereals and omelet improve the taste of the breakfast. There are no many food options, but everything they give for breakfast is delicious and fresh. You can have a home-made breakfast at Le Citizen Hotel.

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