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When you are planning to visit the most luscious city, the Capital of France, with no limits on budget, why don’t you consider making it in a true style by affording to stay in some finest and luxurious hotel in Paris? Paris is considered the most expensive city of the world, which is highly suited for fashionable and expensive amenities. Best Luxury Hotels Paris provides amenities blended with modern convenience and the past graceful history. These hotels also boast a few privileged and creative restaurants that are greatly preferred. To search for your ideal as well as the best accommodation for your stay in the French capital, just have a look at the list of the great expensive luxury hotels Paris.

Plaza Athenee Hotel ParisPlaza Athenee Hotel Paris

Address: 25 Avenue Montaigne Paris FR-75008

This hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel in Paris categorized under superior deluxe accommodation as it offer the quality services in high standards with complete comfort and luxury. Hotel comprises of 8 floors constructed in a charming manner in accordance with the French style boasting elegance. Further, each window in the guests rooms are developed with attractive balconies. Guests obviously derive pleasure from the Dior Institute, which is the hotel’s new beauty house. This luxury hotel boasts a fitness corner, saunas and steam rooms facilitated with supplementing the advantages derived from the associated treatments. Adding to the credit of the hotel, location is also found to be great where the famous Champs Elysees and the Place de la Concorde is also very closer. Notwithstanding to the above, several other famous destinations, attractions of the city, restaurants and designer boutiques also located in the vicinity of the hotel.

Ritz Hotel ParisRitz Hotel Paris

Address: 15 Place Vendome Paris FR-75001

This hotel is like a fabulous palace situated in the graceful location Vendome, found in the centre of the city. Vendome is a great location from which many stylish shipping locations, historical sites and other prominent destinations can be reached in a few minutes’ walk. The hotel consists of 103 well executed rooms and 56 elegant suites with unique designs and decorations offering special appeal.  These accommodations and the hotel crew collectively offer a range quality services with the best of French style decorations. Further, it also comprises of the most famous Ecole Ritz Escoffier cooking school and facilitating the guests to have dine with fine and French cuisines in the restaurant called L’Espadaon, which is the Michelin Starred Gastronomic restaurant. The hotel houses three bars namely the Vendome, the Ritz and the world famous Hemingway bar. Among the numerous choices of the Parisian Palaces, the biggest inbuilt swimming pool is developed in this hotel, Ritz health club. The pool area is designed in fabulous decorations boasting the style of Roam with siz holes for putting green. This is the small part of the impressive luxurious facilities and range of services provided to the guests.

De Crillon Hotel ParisDe Crillon Hotel Paris

Address: 10 Place De La Concorde Champs Elysees Arc de Triomphe, Paris FR-75008

This is also one among the luxury hotels Paris situated on the center part of the capital city, on the popular Place de la Concorde. Guests are guaranteed with the comfortable stay with quality services. Guests can find beauty, grace, style, tradition, art and quality surrounding them in the accommodation together with enjoying the excellent cuisine. This hotel has a beautiful history on its construction.

This hotel was a beautiful palace framed by pillars, where the history is traced in the XVIII century. This hotel is considered and strongly recommended as one among the greatest palaces in the Paris. In the past, construction was organized by Ange Gabriel. The Palace was constructed during the construction period of the Place de la Concorde, just near to this hotel, by the order of King Louis XV. Again, this luxurious accommodation is situated in most preferred region of Paris in the vicinity of designer boutiques and houses like Lanvin, Dior, Cartier, etc and the most famous Champs Elysees.

Le Meurice Hotel ParisLe Meurice Hotel Paris

Address: 228 Rue De Rivoli Paris FR-75001

This hotel is not only categorized under luxury hotels Paris, but also rated as the 5 star hotels with complete range of international luxury. Further, it is also graded as a Palace hotel offering a complete range of sophistication for travel. Among the range of luxury hotels in Paris, the one which is highly recommended is this palace hotel. It was also an old palace, constructed almost before 170 years ago, in 1830s. This building is also defined as a construction revealing the significant interest on history combined with elegance in a traditional way. The accommodation is constantly upgraded, updated, renovated and refurbished according to the new inventions and modern innovations to offer range of amenities and facilities to meet the expectations of the guests. Notwithstanding to above, no comprise has been made on the glory of the privileged history of France. We can see and feel everything required by us which includes the luxury, elegance, comfort, services, etc in extreme quality and standards. When all aspects are adding credit to the accommodation, what about the location of the hotel? The hotel is placed in the more popular location in Rue de Rivoli, near the Tuileries Gardens. The garden is completely addicted to history boasting a great elegance and loveliness.   Being located in a popular region, there is no shortage of public transportation and nearby prominent locations.

Four Seasons Hotel George V ParisFour Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Address: 31 Avenue George V Paris FR-75008

French regulation has classified this luxurious hotel as a Palace, rated equivalent to the properties of international 5 stat accommodations. The hotel is indulged in the past history and appears to be a true castle. It is an exceptional accommodation constructed as eight storied building in the sophisticated Haussmann style. The hotel is situated in the vicinity of the Champs Elysees, in the popular George V avenue. The location is a great district boasting complete range of renowned restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and theatres.

Bristol Hotel Paris 8emeBristol Hotel Paris 8eme

Address: 112 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore Paris FR-75008

This hotel is categorized under superior deluxe accommodation with the ratings of 4 star hotels. Again, among the range of luxury hotels Paris, this hotel is also classified as a Palace considering equal to the 5 star properties with international standards.  It is a property with 5 floor constructed in a most outstanding way making it a distinguished accommodation. The hotel is closer to the famous location the Champs Elysees, in the prominent location Rue Faubourg St Honore, which is more famous for the stylish designer boutiques, perfume houses, and restaurants.

Hotel Fouquet's Barriere ParisHotel Fouquet’s Barriere Paris

Address: 46 Avenue George V Paris FR-75008

There are several hotels situated on the George V avenue near to the Champs Elysees. Prominent among those luxury Hotels Paris is this hotel belongs to the 21st century hotel with complete range of French luxury. The architecture is designed by the famous architect Edouard Francois, who has constructed the hotel around a beautiful interior garden. The hotel comprises of 107 cherished suites and rooms designed with the special and unique interiors designed by Jacques Garcia. The accommodation offer to enjoy panoramic views of the city from Francois Andre terrace, Le Lucien bar, and functional room upgraded with current inventions and technology, private spa, Le Diane restaurant and much more exclusive locations should not be missed.

Prince De Galles Hotel ParisPrince De Galles Hotel Paris

Address: 33 Avenue Georges V Paris FR-75008

The hotel is constructed in the year 1928, belonging to the period of Art Deco. It has been built in the centre of the George V avenue, in the vicinity of the Champs Elysees and many more distinguished locations like the romantic landmark of the world, the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and much more. It consists of 188 guests’ accommodation and 30 suites, considered to be an ideal accommodation. Le Jardin des Cygnes is the exclusive and inventive restaurant of French cuisine, most favourite of Parisian foodies, where only quality foods are provided. The sophisticated dining area is made of elevated ceilings with glass doors leading towards an extraordinary patio with mosaic tiles. Each one of the guests are offered exceptional services all 24 hours a day.

Westin Hotel Paris VendomeWestin Hotel Paris Vendome

Address: 3 Rue De Castiglione Paris FR-75001

This accommodation is a tranquil retreat for the travelers, since located at the centre of the bracing capital city of France, which is in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower and overlooks the Tuileries Gardens. Guests can explore the ideal balance between the conventional culture and influence of Parisians and the modernity of this accommodation in the newly renovated and refurbished rooms and suites. There are special view rooms in this luxury hotel from where the guests can capture the most beautiful and everlasting treasures of the Paris.

InterContinental Paris-Le Grand Hotel Center of Paris  InterContinental Paris-Le Grand Hotel Center of Paris  InterContinental Paris-Le Grand Hotel – Centre of Paris

Address: 2 Rue Scribe Paris FR-75442

This hotel has its construction in the Empire style located just opposite to the Opera Garnier. The location is found in the heart of the capital city of France, in the 9th district of Paris, from where the Opera metro railway station can be reached in a short stroll. Further, other privileged places such as the Place Vendome and the Louvre Museum are also located at a distance of less than 1 km from the gateway of the hotel.

Victoria Palace Hotel ParisVictorial Palace Hotel Paris

Address: 6 Rue Blaise Desgoffe Paris FR-75006

This hotel is classified under the luxury Hotels Paris with four star ratings. It is situated in between the Montparnasse and the St. Germain des pres, in the neighbourhood of Cherche Midi. Since 1913, the hotel has been the landmark and the main attraction of the left bank in the 6th arrondissement. Earlier, this hotel was the residence of the Giorgio De Chirico and James Joyce, the Parisians. Until 1936, the hotel belongs to the same family group, where it assists in dedication of the hotel towards welcoming and attentive service. The hotel had 113 guest rooms. In the year 2000, the hotel has undergone an extensive renovation and reconstruction. After renovation, more than half of the luxurious rooms, around 62 rooms have been renovated into the single bedroom suites or the junior suites. The sophisticated decorations represent the conventional and boast the extreme orientation of the Parisians. Stretchable fabrics cover almost all area of the hotel and the marble flooring covers the bath area. Facilities extended by the hotel include the air-conditioned accommodation with extension with double telephone lines, flat screen television, bathrobes, powerful hair dryers, desks and slippers. Access to high speed internet is available from any corner of the hotel.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome HotelPark Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel

Address: 6 Rue Blaise Desgoffe Paris FR-75006

This hotel cannot be categorized merely as a hotel. This construction with five buildings is artistically designed and fantastically decorated, which is recently renovated. Each building is unique and different with each other. The hotel consists of well-mannered   staff, located in a remarkable site. By having a brisk walk, guests can visit the most stylish shops located near the accommodation in the capital city of France.

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Jan 18, 2013 by Delta Niemann

I got for the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris which is one of your recommended hotels. It has lots of great amenities that I think we can all use for our stay there. I was first thinking about Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere Paris but after reading your reviews for all of these hotels, I think I'd go with one that you recommend.

Jan 16, 2013 by Carloe

We took one of the hotels under your recommendation. The Prince De Galles Hotel Paris and luckily we we're able to get it for a very low discounted price when we booked it. Every information we need has already been provided here. I think I'll be back again when we need to make a new reservation in Paris. , USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 I got for the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris which is one of your recommended hotels. It has lots of great amenities that I think we can all use for our stay there. I was first

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