Paris Charisma and Breathtaking Romance

City of lovers-Paris, symbolizes the paramount breath- taking romance no matter where ever you go.  It extends its romance from parks and gardens, to places in the valley of poetic touch to aroma of greenery, and the world famous restaurants making the vacations memorable for many couples, who dream for their best life ahead.  A day out for Paris trip is definitely a fun jackpot, especially a Valentine’s Day in Paris would be like cherry on the top. In this city of light each and every day spent can be treasured and remembered for years. This place is no less than paradise for newly-wed couples. It sometimes become the matter of confusion to have a clear idea like where to put a first step in the land of fun and romance, as every sight is dazzling and eye-catchy.

Stroll By the Romantic Streets of Paris

An evening walk, couched up in the twilight blanket in some most romantic spots of Paris proves to be a lifelong reserved memory in the lives of many couples. Paris organizes many light hearted and romantic comedy shows that has unquestionably added countless appreciators to its list visitors.

The Romantic Streets of Paris


Paris and It’s Romantic Restaurants

High class romantic restaurants are easily found in Paris. You can even order fresh dinner for just two, right from your room and avoid crowd and noise.

The Romantic Restaurants


Paris and its Panoramic Views

A visit to Paris can add the lost warmth back to your relationship. Not only this, Paris also offers you an unbeatable opportunity to visit a number of romantic panoramic places, which are far more affordable than you might have expected.

You would love to climb up the Top of Eiffel Tower and get the majestic view of the whole city. Even a romantic dinner at any of the restaurant situated at the tower is not just affordable but also delightful. Georges Pompidou runs a terrace restaurant sited in the center of the tower. Gorgeous views of Paris’ main landmarks are offered by Chez Georges in Paris. You may also access some of the best museums of Paris for free.

Panoramic Views


Opera, Theater, and Shows

Paris is one of the places that offer you the luxury of romantic night along with housing art, music and fashion deep in its roots. Various shows are organized in the streets and popular places in French language, but still for a non-speaker it’s not a big deal as there are various shows that just demand a keen interest in the field of art and true understanding of love.


Classic Opera Garnier


contemporary Opera Bastille


Theatre du Chatelet


Come die Française (organizes period-costumed classics like Moliere)


Paris theater

Concerts and Cabaret Shows

Moulin Rouge


Elysees Montmartre (concerts)


Top Paris Cabarets




Paris shows


Boat Tours in Paris

Floating down the Seine lost in the love aroma of your beloved next to you is an awesome experience all together. It is also the pleasure of having an over all view of the beautiful city in a stress -free, comfortable and calm way. Apart from this, strolling around hand in hand, viewing and moving into canals of Paris and screening the underground waterways can offer you extraordinary pleasure with unforgettable memories.

Boat Tours in Paris


An Unbeatable Movie Experience

Spending an evening, watching an old movie together is a wonderful idea for those lovers, who have deep interest in the theories of love. There are lots of theaters in Paris that showcase old movies for local and non-local visitors. Paris has a lot of fantastic places for its guests. An experience of old school romance will certainly touch your hearts after spending a fine day at such heart- rendering places. In hot summer nights, open-air show of contemporary and classic movies organized at the Parc de la Villette provides a great excuse to cuddle up under the stars and enjoy movie inside the warm blanket.

Parc de la Villette


Paris Parks and Gardens

Paris is embellished with jewels of beautiful parks and gardens, where couples can take a walk and spend some lazy time together. So, if you are willing to spend some romantic time, just pick one of the given below and get ready for a stroll:

Classical and formal:

Jardin des Tuileries


Chateau de Versailles


Jardin du Luxembourg



Parc Montsouris




Bois de Boulogne


Parc de Vincennes



Parc de la Villette


Parc Andre Citroen


Promenade Plantee



Jardin des Plantes ( zoo and botanical garden)


Cozy Paris Café

Love is in the air of Paris; how can its cafes left untouched of it. A cup of coffee in Paris can light up some intimate conversation or even become a medium to bring down some of your most important issues.

Cozy Paris Café


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