Paris- Food Served With Delight

Paris, the land of love and romance, is also known as the city of light. The whole city gets bathed in light, especially during occasions like street fairs. Apart from various specialties, Paris is well known for its lip-smacking high-quality fast food. Food quality is great, even in the highly crowded areas such as tourists’ spots, where there is an ample possibility of food getting wasted if it is not consumed. So, in order to prevent this from happening, most of the small restaurants, cafes and stalls arrange and store sandwiches or gummy crepes that promises freshness and hygiene for a long time. Paris also offers well-known street food options that are safe to be consumed. To know more about the specialties of Paris, keep reading…


Sandwiches, Quiches and Other Bakeries in Paris

Paris is a place where you can have the opportunity to taste a different variety of sandwiches. Hygiene is always kept in top priority while making food and even while preparing these delightfully garnished sandwiches. Well! Sandwiches are not the only thing that you get here; quiche or a savory tart is another popular dish, which cost around 5 Euros a pop. For travelers with a sweet tooth, Paris offers a wide variety of sweet and tempting goodies that can be chosen for dessert. It is very easy to spot a bakery in Paris, and most of them offer good quality sandwiches along with other lunch items. To figure out the best from the big list of options, you can take our guide and get information about the all the best foods spots and bakeries in Paris.

Sandwiches  in Paris


Buying sandwiches from street vendors should be avoided as they lack the knowledge and idea of real sandwich preparation. Always trust your senses and only believe what you see; on taking a closer look, you can easily detect the difference between the chaff and wheat.

Bakeries in Paris


While crossing the streets, have you noticed signs that read “Sandwich et Buisson” (sandwiches and drinks) or “Boulangerie” (bakery)? If yes, then you would further be surprised to know that there are many bakeries in Paris that offer you both fresh sandwiches and snacks. What can be better than fresh bread stuffed with tasty and lip-smacking fillings! These snacks always stand as the best option among all the street foods.

Quiches in Paris


New Street Vendor Foods in Paris Along With Crepes

If you are in Paris, and you haven’t tasted a crepe yet, then you are definitely missing a big thing. So, do not waste a single minute, but be ready to indulge in the large variety and appetizing treat of crepes. You will be tempted by just one sight of it. Apart from all, it is important for you and your arousing appetite to look out for the best before placing an order. No matter what you are eating, always make sure that it is prepared or cooked in your presence, and not pre-cooked, then re-heated and served. Eating foods that are cooked in front of you will offer you a distinct experience than eating something that has been heated again and again. In this way, you can both see and eat fresh foods, cooked using fresh selected ingredients as well as understand the difference between the fresh and stale food. Crepes should only include fresh tomatoes and greens, as stale vegetables can end up making you food-poisoned. Crepes could be easily found in any corner of the city. All you need is to step in any one of the restaurants in Paris, and order this popular dish. You can get the best food of the city, just by keeping the above lines in mind. After all, you would not like to spoil your holiday by eating inferior quality food. Food writer David Lebovitz has a good list of some of the best crepes in Paris.

Paris Along With Crepes


The last and final tip on street crepe vendors, which is very important to be noted is: Don’t ever buy crepes or sandwiches by just assuming them to be fresh. As an old proverb says, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Never buy blindly, but check out everything before taking a decision. Therefore, you need to be careful and conscious to keep yourself from before placing any order. Just relying on the menu will not be of any help.

Crepes in Paris


Falafel: Mediterranean Specialties

Falafel is the most desirable and popular fast food item in Paris. At Rue des Rosier, the traditional Jewish quarter of the Marais district have become popular among tourists for a very tempting reason: crunchy crispy chickpea balls filled Pita bread, which is further garnished by with different kind of healthy vegetable including tahini, hummus and hot sauce. They would just cost you 5-6 Euros for a nice plate.

Falafel: Mediterranean Specialties


Lebanese food is yet another popular Mediterranean fast-food offered in Paris. Undoubtedly, Paris has marvelous restaurants, offering delicious foods such as garlic and lemon chicken (shish taouk), schawarma, falafel, moutabal, and Man’Ouche: Lebanese hand-tossed pizzas with juicy ingredients like soft cheese, zaatar (a thyme, olive-oil and sesame mixture) and many other surprising ingredients.



Tangy Indian and Sri Lankan Foods

If you wish to try something saucy and tangy, wait no more and rush into the food joints of Paris that offers a wide range of delectable Indian and Sri-Lankan fast foods. To have more information  you are suggested go through our guide to the Little Sri Lanka /La Chapelle District and find out the best places for yummy hand-made samosas parathas (flatbread), and various other fast foods.

Tangy Indian


Sri Lankan


Paris and Its Street Markets

Looking for a foodie junction? If yes, then nothing can be better than taking a stroll to the local or street markets of Paris. Paris streets are stuffed with foods of all kinds. You’ll find food everywhere that is offered at highly reasonable prices. You will also have an opportunity to explore some of the regional specialties.

Paris and Its Street Markets


Tourist Trap Areas to Avoid

Some areas in Paris offer an abundance of street food, which in no time can turn into a tourist trap. Well! That can be disappointing too. However, it does not mean that all areas selling street foods are poor in quality. Not all street foods are bad- but make sure to pay particular attention over the cost and the varieties offered. If you have any doubt, just leave the place and move to another.

Tourist Trap Areas to Avoid


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