Saint James Paris



Located in a residential area from the 16th and close to a Metro station, the residence of this hotel is really beautiful. You can move everywhere you like once you learn the short road to the metro. Considering that it takes only 10-15 minutes to reach the Arc de Triumphe, you can say that this hotel is located in a residential and central area.


If we analyze the staff members, you can say that they are gracious, professional and very careful with the needs of the clients. Also, the cleaning service is outstanding.


The beds included in the rooms are extremely comfortable and each detail is prepared with the maximum attention. By choosing a junior state, you will be to see the front of the hotel through some wonderful French windows.

By entering the bedroom, you will observe the city`s reflection in the mirrors mounted in the structure of the building. You will be able to reach this place by passing through the dressing room.

It is obvious that the person who designed this hotel has used numerous mirrors in order to produce a lighter feeling in this 78sqm suite with only a few porthole windows.


Analyzing the décor we can state that it is very classy, and offers the client a homely and unique feeling. The welcoming ambiance is expressed through the animal printed furniture and the antique items placed in the rooms. The style incorporates elements like eccentric, whimsical, French and British, all together. The attractiveness of this hotel is provided by the quirky and French provincial style of the design. However, the principle closet appears as a painted particle board, outmatching the rest of the detail, and this is just one of the finishes included in the room that may need some adjustments.


If you are thinking of visiting the bar, you will taste a very good wine and experience an extremely elegant atmosphere. The reception area and library bar provide wonderful services. You can also test the food from the restaurant at least one time since it is very fancy and costly. The waiters are very polite and will treat each member from the table with the maximum attention.

Hotel Facilities:

In the lounge area you can discover a baby grand piano and a couch that will point to the atrium which incorporates 2 small lounges tables and chairs created from wrought iron.


The best advice that you can use when you make a reservation at this hotel would be to find a room that is not near the bar, because it may be a little bit noisy.

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